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At BTi, we pride ourselves in providing an innovative product that delivers consistent profitability to our partners. Our aim is to present integrated solutions to meet their every need through personalized customer support and services. We have built a strong brand name and partnerships across all Asian markets.

Our expertise in software development and Sportsbook API technology combined with sophisticated trading systems and extensive experience allows BTi to deliver a profitable and seamless product to our partners.

Why BTi?
Risk Management

We have a team of professional traders that are experts in conducting detailed risk management and player profiling, alongside revolutionary risk management algorithms.

Our extensive back-office platform gives access to detailed gaming analysis and player assessments.

This combination of risk mitigation ensures security and profitability for our partners.

24/7 Global Partner Support

We provide round-the-clock support to our partners.

Our customer and IT support teams are always on hand to guarantee the best product performance and provide professional assistance.

Each of our partners have a designated account manager to provide a personal touch. We create a BTi gaming experience that is not only enjoyable and satisfactory for players, but seamless for our partners as well.

Player Engagement Free Bet & Bonus Tools

We understand that players are essential to ensuring profitability and growth.

With this in mind, we have created an all-inclusive bonus and free bet system that allows our partners to reward, attract and retain players.

Our bet smart system makes it easier for our partners to control and create their own free bet and bonus criteria that is tailored according to their needs.

CashOut Feature

Imagine always having the option to win. That’s what our CashOut feature does.

We give players a more rewarding gaming experience by giving them the opportunity to cash out their winnings in advance.

This builds player confidence and security in the BTi brand which is rewarded with player loyalty.


The BTi sportsbook platform has been continuously enhanced and refined over years of experience with our partners in various markets. Our goal is to provide an end-to-end sportsbook solution that is professionally built and customized for our partners, and to deliver an immersive and optimized sportsbook gaming experience for the players.

Sports, Virtual Sports, and E-Sports games
Single, Cross and Combo bet options
Adjustable Trading and Gaming Settings
Support Seamless and Transfer wallets
Support various Fiat and Crypto currencies
Multi-language support
Responsive App according to user devices
Customizable European and Asian views with regional odds supported

We have fine-tuned our product to be user-friendly and intuitive to ensure that the players have a great experience.

And we have created customizable tools and services for our partners to attract new players and retain existing ones.

Just to name a few…

Informative Event and Team Statistics
Engagement Tools with Free Bets
Combo up to 20 events
Cash Out Feature
Live Match Tracker

Our reliable and highly trained team of experts provide round-the-clock and all-inclusive support to our partners.

Our fully managed sportsbook solution helps our partners focus on the growth of their business while we provide the infrastructure and framework needed to make this happen.

600 Trading Professionals delivering steady business growth
Detailed Reporting Backoffice with Insights
Fraud and Risk Management professionals
Smart Player Bonus and Player Engagement systems
Comprehensive Gaming Performance Analysis Tools
Global 24/7 Customer Support
In-depth Player Profiling and Assessment
Designated Account Managers

BTi provides the technology required to build a stable, scalable, and high-performance sportsbook platform that gives competitive edge in the market.

Our partners can easily and seamlessly integrate our sportsbook as a plug and play product using the iFrame solution. Our product has a modular approach which allows it to be tailored to our individual partner’s market needs.

With our highly flexible iFrame solution, the sportsbook platform can be conveniently integrated and blend seamlessly with customizations such as skins and themes to match corporate branding, and have distinct styles, sizes, functionality of banners and widgets, and layouts that match your target market needs.
Our Sportsbook API gives our partners complete control of their user interface which can be self-built and designed by their team, while still having access to our back-end services and data provided by our dependable team of experts.
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